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Southern Egypt

MV Coral Queen

In June 2003 a group of fifteen divers from the club travelled to Egypt for a diving trip to the far south of the Egyptian Red Sea.

We flew from Gatwick to Marsa Alam, a town on the east coast of mainland Egypt then undertook a two hour journey by bus down the east coast road to a place called Hamata about seven kilometers north of the dive camp at Wadi Lahami which is located just north of the Ras Banas penninsular.

From here we boarded MV Coral Princess and headed off for the far South to a region known as St. John's Reef.

The following pictures tell the story of that trip.

The chart on the right shows South Eastern Egypt and the location of Wadi Lahami, Fury Shoal and St. Johns Reef.

M.Y. Coral Princess is a steel hulled, twin screw motor yacht. She is 30 metres long and has berths for fifteen passengers. She has ideal specifications for long-range dive cruises, with water desalination and comprehensive navigation & safety equipment. The ample aft deck is thoughtfully laid out for ease of kitting-up and the spacious transom is ideal for water entry when not using the zodiac tender. The salon is air-conditioned, as is the comfortable twin berth cabins, all of which have en-suite facilities.

MV Coral Princess
We headed south towards the Sudanese border for the first half of the trip to dive the various reefs that make up St. Johns Reef then we headed north to dive the reefs of Fury Shoal.

The maps below show the areas we visited and some of the sites we dived during our trip.


The Team
Lyn Eade, A.N.Other, Peter Swarfield, Ceri Jones,
Billy Whizz, Huw Jones, Peter Rees, John Greig.
Colin Smith, Jeff Canning, Mac Webber,
Viv Griffiths, Phil Dewhurst, John Upright,
Dicky Taylor.

The quayside at Hamata where we boarded
Coral Princess at the start of our charter.
Coral Princess is the boat on the right.

Looking back at the jetty from on board Coral Princess. The town of Hamata with its mosque
can be seen in the background.

The crew preparing to tie on to a reef. This particular
reef has a shallow lagoon in the centre.

The crew tying up to a mooring alongside a reef.

.Hattam - Our dive guide for the trip.

The DO on tour.

The President resting his eyes...

One of the many superb reefs we dived
during the charter.

Many of the reefs in this southern
section of the Egyptian Red Sea
are in superb condition.

Another superb example of a
coral reef in the far south.

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