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In July 2001 a group of twelve divers from the club travelled to Egypt for a very special diving Trip.

We flew from Gatwick to Hurghada, a town on the northeast coast of mainland Egypt then undertook a seven hour journey by bus down the east coast road to a place called Wadi Lahami just north of the Ras Banas penninsular.

From here we boarded MV Coral Queen and headed off for the far South to a region known as St. John's Reef.

The following pictures tell the story of that trip.

The map right shows Eastern Egypt and the location of Hurghada and Wadi Lahami.
Coral Queen is a beautifully designed 24 metre twin screw motor cruiser fitted with modern navigation and safety equipment.

Built in 1996 she is owned and run by Guido Sherif, a dedicated diving enthusiast. Inside she comprises a very spacious air conditioned saloon with television, VCR and sound system, together with six comfortable, twin berth, air conditioned cabins with en suite showers and toilets for the passengers.

There is a large sun deck on top and the aft diving deck is laid out for ease of kitting up and water entry.

We headed south towards the Sudanese border for the first half of the trip to dive the various reefs that make up St. Johns Reef then we headed north to dive the reefs of Fury Shoal.

The charts above shows the areas we visited during our trip.

Coral Queen

The Team
Peter Rees, Gareth Griffiths, Mark Jones,Shoni Upright, Jeff Canning.
John Evans, Gareth Jones, Phil Marshall.
Gillian Berntsen, Peter Swarfield,Gail Richards, Andrew Pipien.

Our dive guide for the trip.

Coral Queen moored on the south side of Mikauwa Island.

An example of the pristine coral reefs found around the islands in this area.

An example of a coral reef with a shallow lagoon in the centre
Mikauwa Island in the distance.

This particular reef is called El Malahi and is a superb dive site
because of the many channels, canyons andswim-throughs.
The fractured nature of the reef caneasily be seen from this
surface photograph.

Most of the reefs in this southern
section of the Egyptian Red Sea
are in superb condition.

Ahmed in charge
and looking super cool.

This picture shows a diver descending from
Coral Queen to the reef below.

The reef top

A typical Red Sea reef scene with dozens of Anthias.
The shadow top right is the hull of Coral Queen.

Beautiful soft coral

A diver (Shoni Upright) examining a soft coral

A typical reef with its hundreds of Anthias.
The visibility was more than 30 metres on many of the dives.
This particular reef was a good example.

Some sections of the reefs were
predominantly made of hard corals.

Other sections had a mixture of
hard and soft corals growing together.

Many reefs had caves and gullies for divers to explore. This one has a nice example of a giant anemone.

A giant anemone with lots of Clown Fish.

A pair of Clown Fish.

A pair of Red Sea Butterflyfish.

Schooling Bannerfish

More schooling Bannerfish



Small school of Jacks

Divers exploring the many gullies
and passages on Malahi reef.

Inside El Malahi Reef

Shoni inside the maze of reefs

Giant Clam

A Hammerhead Shark.

The wreck of a yacht at Abu Galawa

Close up of a beautiful soft coral

Lovely colours
Marsa Alam Weather
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