Llantrisant Sub-Aqua Club

EGYPT 1990

Sharm El Sheikh

The Oonasdivers Dive Centre
Staying at the Sanafir Hotel

Sharm before the developers got there

The Sanafir Hotel

Loading up the jeep at the old Oonasdivers Centre

Claude unloading the cylinders

The jetty at Sharm Harbour

Setting off for the day

Monica - Our Dive Guide

The President & Monica

Feeding Time

Sunning ourselves on deck

Jackson Reef - Straits of Tiran

Shark Reef - Ras Mohamed

Beautiful Reef


Giant Anemone & Clownfish

Arabian Angelfish

Masked Butterflyfish

Closer view

A huge Napoleon Wrasse

Don't feed the fish!

Don't harass the Pufferfish!

Don't ride the Turtles!

Sunrise over Na'ama Bay

Pyramid at Giza
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