Llantrisant Sub-Aqua Club

EGYPT 1989

with Rudi Kniepp Divers

We stayed in the posh part of town

We were well in with the locals

Our accomodation was in "Dead Cat Alley"

Dai Harris, John Greig, Brian Panes & John Thomas

Hurghada before it was developed

This street looks more like Las Vegas now

The Old Harbour

Dive boat with character

The Crew

Jon Jon

Our dive gear stowed under the rigging

Anchoring off Sha'ab Abu Rimata

Graham Chisell with Roy, Viv & Colin

The boys relaxing on the fore deck

John Thomas, Dai Harris & Quiet John

John Greig, Ron Stockwell & John Thomas

Antheas on the reef

Fan Coral

Clown Fish

Sabre Squirrelfish

Red Sea Bannerfish

Threadfin Butterflyfish

One Spot Snapper

Spotted Sweetlips

Napoleon Wrasse

This one had been gaffed!

Egyptian Market

Egyptian Transport

Ancient Egyptian Monuments

In the Temple of Karnak
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