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Next year our scuba diving expedition will be to
the tropical island of Bali in Indonesia

We will stay at a resort there which looks amazing and offers a dive package of 20+ dives.
Theres a choice of sea view accommodation or deluxe rooms with direct pool access.

The name of the resort is the Bali Dive Resort & Spa. It is located in Tulamben on the east coast of Bali. It looks fantastic and the list of dive sites sound really good.

Theres a choice of sea view accommodation or deluxe rooms with direct pool access.

The whole package including flights will be around £2700 - bargain!
It includes flights, transfers, full board at the resort and 20+ dives

This venue is due to go in the Oonasdivers new brochure for next season priced at £3400.

We have reserved 9 rooms different room types ie. doubles and twins
which gives us the possibility of a maximum of 18 persons in the group.

The dates are May 26th to June 7th.
The deposit is £350.

There will be another stage payment due at a later date.

We will be flying with Emirates Airlines from Gatwick:

Departing from Gatwick North Terminal

Baggage Allowance

30kg Hold Luggage
7kg Hand Luggage

Departure Arrival
Location Date Time Flight No. Location Date Time
----- -----

-----Everyone Outbound

Gatwick 27/05/24 14:30 EK016 Dubai 28/05/24 00:35
Dubai 28/05/24 03:25 EK368 Bali 28/05/24 16:35

-----2 week stay - Inbound

Bali 07/06/24 19:40 EK369 Dubai 08/06/24 00:45
Dubai 08/06/24 02:45 EK011 Gatwick 08/06/24 07:20

-----3 week stay - Inbound

Bali 14/06/24 19:40 EK369 Dubai 15/06/24 00:45
Dubai 15/06/24 02:45 EK011 Gatwick 15/06/24 07:20

Those of us travelling up from South Wales will be staying overninght in B&B on the night of 26th May. This takes away the pressure of travelling up to the airport on the same day as the flight.

It also gives us an extra night out at the start of the trip!

If anyone else would like to join us, let me know.

Below is a calendar of events to illustrate what will be happening on each day.

NOTE: There is a non diving day on Thursday June 6 for a "deco day" to avoid flying the day following diving.

It gives an extra day to dry your kit and pack for the flight home the next day.

I will also offer an extra week in Bali for those who fancy staying a bit longer.
We will tranfer from the resort at Tulamben to a more lively location to see more of Bali.

Day trips around Bali etc. can be organised during this week.
I have indicated the extra week in the calendar below in BLUE


20 May

21 May 22 May 23 May 24 May 25 May

26 May



27 May


28 May


Transfer to

29 May

Day 1

30 May

Day 2

31 May

Day 3

1 Jun

day 4

2 Jun

day 5

3 Jun

Day 6

4 Jun

Day 7

5 Jun

Day 8

6 Jun



7 Jun


or transfer
to Kuta

8 Jun

Arrive London

or Stay in
Kuta Paradiso

9 Jun


10 Jun

Kuta Paradiso

11 Jun

Kuta Paradiso

12 Jun

Kuta Paradiso

13 Jun

Kuta Paradiso

14 Jun


15 Jun


16 Jun


Bali Dive Resort and Spa at Tulamben is located ocean front, in the small fishing village called Tukad Abu, on the North East coast of Bali. The relaxing atmosphere, personal and friendly service combined with great diving, healing Spa treatments and beautiful surroundings really makes Bali Dive Resort and Spa a one of a kind stay for your holiday!

Opened since 2014 but newly renovated, 'Bali Dive Resort and Spa' has been welcoming guests here for six amazing years.

The resort offers spacious and modern rooms with stunning tropical views, onsite PADI 5 star dive center and a Balinese day spa.

Positioned at the beach, with ocean front pool and restaurant, and with the majestic Mount Agung in the background, Bali Dive Resort is a perfect paradise for both divers and non-divers alike.

Let us welcome you to the black sand beach of Tukad Abu and our flag ship resort 'Bali Dive Resort and Spa'. Located just 3 km outside Tulamben village, we are close enough to visit the famous USAT Liberty wreck within a few minutes, but far enough to give you the feeling of tranquility and pure relaxation.

Sea View Bungalows

Sea view bungalows are stand-alone buildings located on the front row in the middle of the resort.
They have a great location straight in front of the main pool area and a direct sea view. The sliding
front door will take you out to your private patio where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the
undisturbed view of our beautiful garden and the sea. With its spacious 35 square meters and a king
size bed it is the perfect choice for couples.

The Bungalow bathroom offers a large walk-in glass shower, hairdryer and a selection of
complementary toiletries. The room itself features a relaxing area with sofa & TV, complimentary
wireless internet to keep you connected and generous storage space that will let you unpack your
luggage with ease.

You can also find coffee & tea making facilities as well as unlimited filtered water.
Stainless steel water bottles are available for you to use during your stay with us. Bring them to the
pool area or use in-between dives as well as other daily activities and excursions. It makes it easy for
you to stay hydrated while avoiding the use of plastic bottles.

Superior Deluxe with Pool Access

The deluxe room categories are forming our two Deluxe Units of five rooms per unit. Each unit has a
secluded garden area with gazebo, sunbeds and a private pool.

Located on the ground floor of the units, Superior Deluxe rooms give you a direct access to the
swiming pool. These rooms come either with one king size bed or with two twin beds. Deluxe rooms
are the perfect choice if you prefer a bit more privacy and the luxury of 24-hour pool access.

Superior deluxe rooms are situated on ground floor with direct access to the semi-private pool just in
front of their door. You can choose a room with one large king size double bed or a twin share

The room features a relaxing area with sofa and TV, complimentary wireless internet to keep you
connected and generous storage space. In the room you can also find coffee and tea making
facilities, minibar and unlimited filtered water.

Stainless steel water bottles are available for you to use during your stay. Bring them to the pool area or use in-between dives and other daily activities & excursions. It makes it easy for you to stay hydrated while avoiding the use of plastic bottles.

The spacious Deluxe room bathrooms offer a large walk-in glass shower with solar panel water heating
system. They also come with hairdryer, bathrobes and towels as well as complementary toiletries.


A relaxing stay at Bali Dive Resort and Spa can never be complete without a visit to our Spa.

Nurture your Body, Spirit and Mind. Loose yourself in a treatment, with relaxing music in the background. Forget everything around you for a while, ease into relaxation with both body and mind, and come out reborn.

Open daily from 11am till 10pm, our trained therapists will provide you carefully selected, traditional and natural treatments, using natural products only.

Spa Treatment Options

The Spa is open daily and has three massage/treatment rooms


Body scrubs

Body treatments

Body wraps


Manicures and pedicures


Hot tub


Our beach front restaurant has direct views over the sea. Enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our menu is based on homemade meals with a big selection of Balinese, Indonesian and Western dishes, with options for meat lovers and vegetarians, as well as for vegans. We only use fresh ingredients and organic local vegetables and fruits.

The restaurant is open every day between 7am and 10pm. A delicious cooked-to-order breakfast is available daily from 7:00am to 10:30am

Tulamben Dive Resort & Spa sea front with Mount Agung behind

CLICK HERE to watch a video about the resort


Indonesia is known for having the world’s best diving and the most diverse sea life anywhere. With over 17.000 islands, spread out over a huge area all around the equator, you can only imagine the wealth that nature provides underneath its ocean surface. Bali shares this wealth and it is one of Indonesia’s most popular dive destinations.

Situated in the Indo-Pacific, the richest bio-geographic dive zone in the world, Bali offers great diversity of marine life! Here you can dive WWII and other ship wrecks, explore walls, reefs and sand slopes full of fish. You can also ""muck about"" for the unusual critters in rich black volcanic sand on many of our macro dive sites.

Indonesia is known for having the world’s best diving and the most diverse sea life anywhere. With over 17.000 islands, spread out over a huge area all around the equator, you can only imagine the wealth that nature provides underneath its ocean surface. Bali shares this wealth and it is one of Indonesia’s most popular dive destinations.

Beautiful Tulamben

Tulamben was a very quiet fishing village in the dry lands of Karangasem for a very long period of time.

Nowadays, it’s one of the busiest diving destinations in Bali. Since the discovery of the sunken USAT Liberty as a dive site back in the 1980's, Tulamben has been drawing more and more divers, all wanting to take a glimpse at this WWII shipwreck.

However, Tulamben bay and surrounding villages have a lot more to offer than just the USAT Liberty wreck. With dozens of dive sites, Tulamben can provide weeks of awesome diving.

Dive Sites around Tulamben

There ate plenty of dive sites within a 15 minute radius of Bali Dive Resort and Spa, including the world famous USAT Liberty Shipwreck.

Our House Reef in front of the resort offers world class muck diving, which is a paradise for underwater photographers. With several of Bali’s most famous muck dive sites reachable within minutes from the resort, there will be no dull moments.

Tulamben also offers stunning walls and slopes. Enjoy the sight of corals and sea fans flourishing from
the depths.In the shallows you can find numerous cleaning stations where you can watch the fish getting cleaned.

The water is usually very clear and most of the time there is no current at all, which makes Tulamben suitable for all levels of divers.

USAT Liberty Wreck

This is one of the most famous dive sites in Bali.

The wreck is 125 meters long and 17 meters wide. It sunk in 1963 and sits at about 30 meters off the coast of Tulamben.

The shallowest point of the wreck is about 5 meters deep and the deepest point of the wreck is about 30 meters deep.

Easy dive site, accessible from the shore and remarkably interesting with a great reminder about how nature restores life everywhere. Anemones, soft and hard corals grow all over the wreck.

Here you can find both common coral fish and some of the rarest frogfish, leaf scorpion fish, pygmy
seahorse and mimic octopuses.

Out in the blue you can sometimes spot eagle rays and different sharks, including whale sharks!

Night and sunrise dives give you the opportunity of seeing the large family of humphead parrotfish, who have made the wreck their personal bedroom.

CLICK HERE to see a video of this dive

Coral Garden
Sitting between the “USAT Liberty Wreck” and the “Drop Off”, Coral Garden is a nice coral reef particularly good for a lazy and shallow dive. Home to many clown fish, the goral garden is very good for young or inexperienced divers.

The artificial reef with Balinese statues and temples attract many different underwater creatures and make the dive site interesting for all kind of divers.

Moray and ribbon eels are living in the area as well as nudibranchs and other different macro critters.

The sightings of blacktip reef sharks in the shallow sandy patch of the garden makes the safety stop extra enjoyable.

Coral garden also has a deep slope that goes into the deep ocean. You never know
what to expect coming up to shallower depths from there.

Drop Off
One of the top destinations in Tulamben, the “Drop Off”, is a nice wall absolutely amazing for any type of experienced diver.

Starting from a depth of only 3 meters the wall reaches a max depth of over 80 meters! The wall is covered in sponges and it is home to many different types of marine life.

Here you can find everything from common reef fish to the amazing frogfishes. You also go through many different types of nudibranchs, leaf scorpion fish, clown triggerfish and octopuses of all sizes during your dive here.

Do not forget to also have a look in the blue, where we have been spotng different types of sharks, big tunas, marlin and sometimes even mola mola!

CLICK HERE to see a video of the best diving around Tulamben - Critters & Wrecks

Alamanda is just a 5 minute boat ride away from Bali Dive Resort and Spa in Tulamben.

This dive site is only accessible by boat and it offers a beautifully covered coral slope holding a lot of treasures.

Alamanda is one of the less dived dive sites in Tulamben, where you can expect to find a huge diversity of macro life.

This is also a good location to encounter Sharks, Bumphead Parrotfish, Napoleon Wrasses and Turtles.

Palung Palung
Located between Drop-Off and Batu Kelebit, Palung-Palung is
accessed by boat from the Dive Resort at Tulamben which makes this dive site very convenient.

As the boat ride to this dive site only takes about 5 minutes, the boat will drop us back at the resort after the dive, where you can enjoy a beverage by the pool during your surface interval.

Palung Palung means “bowls”, which are formed by drop-offs, slopes and “fingers” that stretches out to the blue from the slope.

This dive site is also one of the less dived dive sites in Tulamben. Here we
can find very healthy corals and sponges with loads of interesting marine life. Bump head parrotfish, garden eels and turtles are often spotted in Palung Palung.

Batu Kelebit
Batu Kelebit is a pinnacle located 5 minute boat ride away from Bali Dive Tulamben. Large rocks breaking the surface indicates the dive site once you get closer.

This is where we will enter the water and start the dive. In the beginning of the dive, we will see a beautiful sloping coral reef and as we move deeper on the ridges the scenery becomes more dramatic and stunning.

Because of the stronger currents and the topography here, this dive site is rich in plankton, which keeps the corals healthy and can increase your chance to spot larger pelagics like great barracudas, napoleon wrasses, different rays, sharks and tunas.

Just few minutes ride with the traditional jukung boats will take us to this amazing dive site, which is the closest boat dive to Bali Dive Tulamben.

The dive starts in a calm white sand bay, which makes this dive site special compared to the other black sand dive sites in this area.

The reef is covered in nice huge elephant-ear sponges and finger reefs going into the depth.

On the way to the split along the reef, we can often spot garden eels, bump head parrotfish and ladybugs.

The current can be expected to pick up a little bit once we reach the reef split and the turning point.
This is also the most interesting part of the dive with schools of fusiliers, sergeant major fish and
often also bigger creatures like giant trevallies or eagle rays, which can be seen at the split where the current is present.

Here we can find an underwater table and have some funny pictures taken before turning the dive
and heading back to the bay. Remember to have a look under the table corals where baby sharks and
stingrays are sometimes hiding.

Emerald is suitable for all levels of divers and its definitely one of our favorite dive sites around

Pura Segara
Segara is the last dive site in the bay where Bali Dive Resort and Spa is located and it is only a couple of minutes car drive away.

Segara is a classic black sand dive site and it gently slopes down with nondescript bottom topography.

This dive site is a true macro life heaven where, with a good pair of eyes, you can spot Shaun the Sheep nudis, donut dorids, nudibranchs and frogfishes.

The entry to this dive is probably the easiest in this area, because of the fine black sand and the minimal amount of stones on the beach.

If you decide to go left shoulder towards Emerald, you will
find a nice reef with coral bommies and the bottom full of stingrays and lionfish.

If you are lucky you may encounter turtles or a school of big mouth mackerel passing by on the reef.
This feature makes this dive interesting for all divers, not only macro photographers and muck divers.

Literally a minute car ride away from our Tulamben resort we reach another classic black sand dive site called Melasti.

The topography for this dive is easy, a couple of rocks in the shallows and nothing but a black sand slope. Although this may sound boring, it is NOT! For macro and muck divers this is a treasure.

The fine black sand beach makes the entry easy and with our excellent guides you will have one of the best muck dives that you have ever done in your life

Make sure to have a good buoyancy control while taking photos over the black fine sand and be aware of the currents as there is no place to hide from them.

Shaun the Sheep nudibranchs, donut dorids, nudibranchs, frogfishes and different species of
octopuses are often found here.

House Reef
Bali’s most famous muck diving sites are located just off the beach in front of our resort in Tulamben.

The black sand together with small patches of corals offer perfect conditions to spot amazing critters.

With a pair of good spotng eyes, this is the perfect place for curious divers and photographers with a passion for the small and unique!

You can spend hours of diving looking for Harlequin, Boxer and Skeleton shrimps, Frogfish, Ghost pipefish, Ambon scorpion, Mimic octopus, Stargazers and Sea horses. Even the elusive Leptocaephalus has been filmed here.

Other common marine animals found on the house reef are multiple species of moray eels, blue spotted sting ray, different kinds of lionfish, leaf scorpion fish, garden eels, shoals of swaying razor fish and just about any type of nudibranch you can possibly think of!

Our House Reef is, without a doubt, the macro lover’s heaven!

Seraya Secrets
Seraya Secrets is located couple of minutes away from Bali Dive Tulamben and it is one of the most famous critter diving sites in Bali, perfect for underwater photographers.

There is a great preparation area on the beach with rinsing tanks for cameras and toilets. The entry is an easy walk over small rocks into the water.

Seraya Secrets is a classic macro dive site and common encounters include Harlequin shrimp, Ornate ghost pipefish, Pygmy seahorses and occasionally Seahorses and Leopard moray eels.

It is important to note that all divers should have good buoyancy control skills and respect for the
environment, even with a big camera. The key is to avoid bottom stir up sediment while diving
this dive site.

Don’t miss this out! Get your camera ready!

Batu Niti
Batu Niti is located about 1,5 km south-east from Bali Dive Resort and Spa in Tulamben.

The dive site is accessible either by boat or from the beach. Batu Niti is slightly rockier than the other macro dive sites around our Tulamben resort.

The slope on Batu Niti has small coral patches and hydroids, which makes this dive site suitable for all divers, not only macro photographers.

Located in a small volcanic stone bay just a few minutes down south from our Tulamben resort is the dive site called Sidem.

This is a beautiful and less visited dive site where we can easily stay for two dives, as the bay is well equipped with a rest area, showers, rinse tanks, and toilets.

We start our dives in front of the rest area and can choose a couple of different ways to perform the dive.

Moving to the middle of the bay we will find an excellent place for macro underwater photography and critter hunting.

If we choose to dive the right side towards the corner of the bay, we will find a nice shallow reef full of hard corals and feather stars suitable for all levels of divers.

Many different nudibranchs, mantis shrimps, sea moths and boxer crabs can be spotted in the middle
of the bay, whilst the right side and the corner of the bay often offers turtles, leaf scorpion fish and
even white Tip reef sharks.

Most of the information on this page, photos, etc. was obtained from: https://www.balidiveresortandspa.com/
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Kuta Paradiso Hotel

I found this hotel after researching various hotel and resorts etc. It looks very nice. Has a 5 star rating and is in an excellent location. Here's someting off the web site:

Rated with 5 stars, this high-quality property provides guests with access to hot tub, fitness center, outdoor and indoor pools on-site.

Conveniently situated in the Kuta part of Bali, this property puts you close to attractions and interesting dining options.

The car parking and the Wi-Fi are always free, so you can stay in touch and come and go as you please.

Be sure to set some time aside to visit Kuta Beach nearby.

Here is a link to one of the booking sites:

Kuta Paradiso Hotel (Agoda)

Below are some photos of the hotel:

The dates we will be staying there are: check-in June 7th to check-out June 14th - (7 nights).

The hotel is quite close to the airport and they provide free airport transfers.

Map the island showing the location of Kuta

Hotel Reviews:

"Affordable and Friendly ”
It was an amazing time having to stay in Bali at Kuta Paradiso for a budget trip! The staff and cleanliness of the hotel is incredible and I will definitely recommend anybody who wants to stay in Kuta to book this hotel :-) the staff are really accomodative and will go the extra mile!
Really very grateful.

Reviewed December 19, 2022 - Singapore

"Fast staff service”
Nice location for night life, restaurants, bars, 24hr store. I called staff to borrow an adaptor, and they brought it immediately!

Reviewed January 13, 2023 - Thailand

Nice hotel, clean, friendly staff, delicioous breakfast with various menu. Walking distance to Beachwalk Mall, Discovery Mall, and near the beach...

Reviewed January 19, 2023 - Indonesia

"Value for money”
I have stayed for one night. The room was clean and cosy. Service was quick. Food was amazing. Highly recommended.

Reviewed January 30, 2023 - Australia

It was amazing. Everything was so comfortable and fantastic.

Reviewed January 30, 2023 - Japan

"Breakfast was excellent”
My kids loved the breakfast menu, we stayed there for 4 nights. the staff were helpful, even when they had a large group to handle on that day.

Reviewed February 01, 2023 - Indonesia

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