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Ten of us travelled to Australia in October 1993 to dive on the Great Barrier Reef:

Peter Rees
John Upright
John Panes
Roy Tomkinson
Dai Parry

Viv Griffiths
Phillip Walker (Billy Whizz)
John McGrath
Phil Marshall (Phil the Flute)
Linda Parry

Dai and Linda were acually on their honeymoon!

We made three separate trips out to the Barrier Reef:

  • Trip 1: Aboard the Stella Maris; From Cairns. We dived on Flynn Reef and Milln Reef.

  • Trip 2: Aboard MY Super Sport; from Port Douglas. We dived the Ribbon Reefs and the Cod Hole.

  • Trip 3: Aboard MY Water Sport, from Townsville. We dived the wreck of the SS Yongala.

Trips 2 & 3 were with Mike Ball Aussie Adventures.

Besides the diving we made various excusions into the North Queensland rainforest which included white water rafting and hot air balooning.


Sunset over Cairns

Back Row: Peter Rees, Viv Griffiths, John Panes.
Middle Row: Roy Tomkinson, John McGrath.
Front Row: Dai Parry, Linda Parry, John Upright,
Phil Marshall, Billy Whizz.
Cairns, Queensland Weather

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