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RED SEA 1993
Sharm el Sheikh

This was a one week trip to Sharm. The airport had just opened so we were able to fly directly into Sharm for the first time. We stayed at the Hilton Hotel and used the brand new Oonas Dive Centre. Our dive guide Jonathan Shawyer took us out on daily dive trips to local sites from Ras Mohamed in the South to the Straits of Tiran in the north.

My camera packed up after a couple of days so I didn't get many photos on this trip.

Slapper Al and jonathan had a thing going by the end of the week. Steve Jones brought his girlfriend Debbie on the trip. He paid for her too but she dumped him after we got home. He was suicidal!

The chart above shows the areas we visited.

The Oonas Dive Centre in Sharm

The view from the dive centre (different now!)

Sharm Harbour

Day Dive Boats

Fun in between dives

Bobby Lee chatting up the girls

Typical Red Sea reef

Antheas cover the reef

Silver Sweepers

Fire Coral

Lettuce Coral

Blue Coral

Beautiful Soft Coral

Another Soft Coral

Diver Silhouette

Returning to the surface

The Group

Our dive guide - Jonathan

The group photo
John Hunt, Fez (Richard Butterworth), Slapper Al, Slapper Deb, Bachgen
Merville Burrows, Peter Rees
Debbie Haines, Ceri Taylor, Bobby Lee, Debbie (Steve's GF), Steve Jones
Billy Whizz

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