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The Coral Sea &
the Great Barrier Reef
including the wreck of the
SS Yongala

aboard MV Hero

1988 was the bicentenary of the arrival of
the First Fleet in Sydney Harbour in 1788
and the founding of the city of Sydney
and the colony of New South Wales.

In October 1988 six of us joined up with a group of six other divers from a club in Daventry and travelled to Queensland in North Australia for the club's first trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

We flew into Cairns which is known as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef. After a few days at the Tradewinds Sun Lodge we went on a white water rafting trip through the rainforest for a couple of days with Raging Thunder sleeping out overnight in the jungle.

We then transferred to Townsville where we boarded the MV Hero and set off for the Great Barrier Reef. We travelled to the outer reef and then on to Flinders Reef in the Coral Sea. On the return we stopped to dive the wreck of the SS Yongala - a superb dive!

We then returned to Cairns for a couple more days before leaving Australia for a four night stop-over in Singapore. While in Singapore we stayed at the famous "Raffles Hotel". A truly memorable experience.

Cairns - Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef

A Queensland Tea Plantation and Rainforest behind

At the Tradewinds Sun Lodge

The Sun Lodge Swimming Pool & Bar

Saddam Hussain

Wurzel Gummage

Peter in the pool

Why do they call him Ginger?

Flying over the Rainforest

White Water Rafting

Shooting the Rapids

The North Johnstone River

MV Hero in Townsville Harbour

The Skipper - Danny Barker

Flying the colours

Team Ambre Solaire

Dave Wilson - The Dive Guide

Steve Jones jumping in

The Reef Top

The Drop Off

Steve negotiating a canyon

Sea Fans in the Canyon

SS Yongala

Stingrays inside the wreck

Penetrating the Yongala

Tubastrea Corals under the hull

Maori Wrasse

Loggerheads Turtle

Queensland Bannerfish

Longer dorsal banners than the Red Sea variety

Queensland Sunset

Sunset on the Reef

Singapore Skyline

Chinese Temple with Skyscrapers behind

Singapore at night

Raffles Hotel

In the Palm Court at Raffles

Handsome Boy!
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