The Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) run Face-to-Face and E-learning Courses in Foreshore & Underwater Archaeology.

This weekend course is primarily aimed at providing students who undertake NAS courses on-line with practical surveying experience to compliment their E-learning theory lessons.

The weekend course is however open to all, be they existing NAS members who are looking for a refresher in surveying and possibly looking for a suitable site for a Part II Project, or members of the general public who may have a general interested in Maritime Archaeology, History, Surveying, Ship & Boat Construction, etc.

This practical course is being heavily subsidised by Cadw, and it would therefore be an ideal opportunity to undertake an on-line E-learning theory course prior to the weekend. E-learning theory courses in Foreshore & Underwater Archaeology start at £35. For more information go to:

or telephone Rachel or Sara at the Nautical Archaeology Society:

Tel: 02392 818 419.

Places for this practical weekend course will be limited, so please contact the NAS office ASAP (the final date for booking will be Monday 16th September).